Monday, August 29, 2011

Vacation Extended

Greetings, all. I hope my friends on the East Coast made it through Hurricane Irene unscathed. I have been biting my fingernails worried about family and home back in New York, but thank God, everyone and everything is fine. I had intended on returning home Sunday afternoon, however, my flight was cancelled and I had to extend my vacation a few days. My family here in Georgia was kind enough to keep us a little longer.

Since I am away from my stamps, I have no cards or paper projects to share with you for another few days. Instead, I thought I would share some vacation photos. This photo, above, was taken at Amicalola Falls in the Chattahoochie Forest in Georgia which is at the very base of the Appalachian Trial.

There were many miles of gorgeous trails to hike and the weather was just perfect.

This is the Ocoee River which was running at it's lowest as the river is dammed during the week and released on weekends for white water rafting and other water sports.

The Ocoee River was also the site of the 1996 Olympics. This is the bridge that leads to the other side of the river.

You can climb staircases from one level of the falls to the next, or you can drive. We broke up into two groups for this. (And I'm not telling which one I was in!)

What a beautiful and memorable day. My family and I feel so fortunate to have seen the majesty of this amazing state park. I highly recommend it! I hope you enjoyed the photos. I promise to be back with a project to share as soon as possible!


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