Thursday, July 7, 2011

Another Kitchen Update

It has been a couple of weeks since I gave you a kitchen update. A lot has happened since then. As you can see we are about 95% complete. The cabinets, counters, appliances and backsplash have all been installed.  There is a new kitchen window, as well.

I have been doing alot of cleaning and unpacking, though there is one big stack of boxes left. The crown molding parts are back-ordered, so that will have to wait another week or so but at least we can function now.

For a while I truly felt like a homeless person. For three days we could not use the stairs to get to the bedrooms while the floor guys were finishing them. (Not quite done but they look great, don't they?) Did I mention that there was damage to the basement ceilings? Nope, couldn't go down there either.

Do you see the new pocket door to the left of these cabinets? That leads to my craft room / office. Needless to say, there was damage to the wall on the other side and I had to vacate that room and pack up all my craft supplies, as well. But guess what? It was an awesome opportunity to re-organize and make room for more new goodies (which we be delivered Tuesday, can't wait!)

It was all worth it. I love everything! I can't wait to finish unpacking and cook a real meal. I feel like I am in a new house (except for the old furniture but shhh! I'm working on that!)

Oh, and Oreo it quite relieved that the nail guns and sledgehammers are gone. My otherwise very social kitty has spent the last four weeks under my bed, sometimes trapped up there all day. He's a good sport though, and enjoys chasing his toys across the new hardwood floors now.

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