Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Kitchen Update

A few of you have expressed some interest in seeing more photos of my kitchen and living room re-model so I thought I would share some. Well, it has been a week since demolition started and we are making slow but steady progress. I am now the proud owner of beautiful new oak hardwood flooring. It was a noisy job but the floor guys did an awesome job.

I had a pocket door installed between my dining area and my office / craft room, which I'm really excited about. Sometimes it is nice to close a door and have a little peace and quiet. It doesn't happen often enough! That is partly why I am an early bird. I like going into my craft room early before anyone wakes up. My favorite time of day. Anyway, the only bad news here was that there was some sheet rock demo on the other side of the wall and repairs and paint will be needed at some point.

The biggest curve that was thrown to me so far is that the contractors (GC and Floor Guy) determined that this staircase is beyond repair and the entire thing needs to be pulled out and a new staircase installed. I was not expecting that. The worst part about it is that the ceiling underneath, in my newly re-finished basement, will probably be a casualty. I just did over my basement a year ago as a result of nightmarish storm and resulting power outage and flood. Ahh, the joys of homeownership.

We had a few days of quiet as the floor guy was supposed to be here three days but work was halted because of the staircase issue. Oreo was very grateful and took a much needed power nap in the sun by my back door. I love how he covers his eyes with his paw to keep the sun out!

Anyway, that is the latest news. Be sure to tune in tomorrow as I have a project for the Technostamper Monday Lunchtime Challenge prepared to show you.

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Happy StampinUP said...

Wow look great, and I look forward to your posts everyday!

Ret Cudmore said...

Your floor is beautiful!!! I'm excited to see pics of your new kitchen.

Jodi said...

Looks like things are coming along. Doesn't that woodwork make such a mess! Hope the stairs don't hold up your process too long.